• Download Old Version Of Chrome For Mac

    Download Old Version Of Chrome For Mac

    Google Chrome Older Versions Download (Windows, Linux & Mac). Unfortunately, we only started to archive old versions of Chrome since Chrome 48. To download the Chrome offline installer, visit this page at Google’s support website and select your desired version of Chrome. Like the online installer, Google will attempt to automatically.

    Google chrome overview Google Chrome, Google changed completely the features of the Latest Google chrome version download for windows 7, windows, windows Xp, Mac Osx, Linux, No it is very much faster, safer, while offering an infinitely more effective Internet browsing experience to users. Although if the complex contains in many technology by offering all these advanced and complicated features on fairly simple and straightforward interface to its users, generating the greatest reason for the user experience, Google Chrome, so even one of the best Web browser in the world even be the greatest. In this post I provided the Latest Google Chrome full setup for Windows, Linux, Mac os. Latest Google Chrome version Features.

    Has many advanced features that every one love, we know it is one of the best and most used available in the Internet. Google’s browser brings a minimal look and tools for any type of user. Below are the some of the features of the Google Chrome.

    Loads with 1000s of Chrome extensions that are very use full for various situations. You can download Chrome extensions from, this extensions simplifies many tasks while you browsing Internet.

    Updating with latest versions One of the practices that boosted the browser’s growth was the adoption cycles shorter developments. Every two months or so, a new update to the final version of the browser is released. So you can show improvements more quickly and efficiently. Customize with Skins You can customize Google Chrome with skins, which are found in the browser extensions store. There are many options, changing just the background or totally change the color of your browser window. If you log in Chrome on other computers, the skin and other customization settings are synchronized immediately.

    Google chrome Task manager makes browsing faster It is one of the best useful feature of Google chrome. Another interesting tool may be the internal Task Manager Chrome. The tab feature of the google Chrome is excellent and loved by many Internet users. This option shows all of the tabs which are open and also the services which are running, such as extensions.

    In case your browser is slow, just open this feature and find out which items are consuming more memory, and disable the extensions that making your browsing and Pc slow. Security is enhanced in Latest version of Google Chrome: Download Google chrome Offline installer free setup to keep your Pc secured more than other browser will do.

    Google has also done a fantastic job in terms of browser security. The Google has been focused on improving the identification of malicious files when you download and fix the vulnerabilities found as soon as possible.

    This makes your browsing very secure and safety. Why Google chrome Offline Installer /Standalone setup?

    If you download Google Chrome from then you will download a setup file which is also known as web installer. It is in small size ( in Kbs), when you tried to install the file then the setup file connect to Google servers and begin the full download of Google chrome files and then follow the installation process. If you want to again to install the software in to different pc you should again download web installer and follow the same process. This consumes bandwidth for every time that you want to install the Google chrome web browser on your pc. To prevent the every time downloading, you can use this Gooogle chrome offline installer, which comes with complete installation files in form of full exe setup file.

    Then using Chrome Standalone installer you can Install your favorite free chrome web browser without connecting to Internet. You can also install chrome browser in your pc which is in offline mode ( without internet connection).

    It is better to go for Google chrome Offline Installer download if you want to setup in more Pc and laptops. Google Chrome Offline Installer Technical details Google Chrome browser does not require big system resources, It requires only Minimum system requirements. But before downloading Google Chrome offline Installer full setup you need to read the technical details.

    File name: ChromeStandalone.exe, chromestandalone64.exe. Google chrome version: Latest version 45.0.2454.86.

    File size: 42.7 Mb (32 Bit os), 48.5 Mb ( 64 Bit). Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit ( both download version included). Google chrome License type: Open source Free ware. Developer: System requirements for windows / Mac OSx / linux We know that Google chrome is light weight software and it requires minimum system requirements. But you should ensure about your pc requirement before start Google chrome offline installer download. Step2: Download for 32 Bit version $ cd /tmp $ wget Download for 64 Bit version $ cd /tmp $ wget Step:3 install it Command for 32 bit version $ sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stablecurrenti386.deb Command for 64 bit version $ sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stablecurrentamd64.deb Note: if any above Google chrome offline installers for Windows, Mac, Linux is not working or Links are broken please notify me by comments.

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    Suggests there’s no way to run multiple versions of Google Chrome on one machine. Every now and then you’ll get a website user stuck on an old version of Chrome (no idea how, but it happens — maybe they installed?) with an issue, and you need to be able to verify it. Bit difficult to do that without their browser version around. Does anyone know if there’s actually a way to do this?. Obtain an installer for an older version of Google Chrome (Google seems to keep very quiet about versions, which is great for users, less great for developers trying to support old versions).

    Run two versions of Google Chrome on one machine. In the comments, I a step-by-step method to easily install multiple Chrome versions, side-by-side.

    This answer quotes my original answer, and includes a script which does the job for you. Quoted from: section 7 of: Chrome: Stand-alone installers can be downloaded from. It is also possible to run multiple Chrome versions side-by-side.

    Although Sandboxie can be used, it's recommended to use the next native method in order to run multiple versions side-by-side. Download the desired version(s) from. Create a main directory, e.g. Extract the installer (= without installing), using for example. After extracting, a chrome.7z archive is created. Also extract this file, and descend the created Chrome-bin directory.

    Now, you see chrome.exe and a dir like 18.0.1025.45. Move chrome.exe to 18.0.1025.45, then move this directory to C: Chrome. The remaining files in Chrome-bin can safely be deleted. Create a shortcut for each version: 'C: Chrome 18.0.1024.45 chrome.exe' -user-data-dir=".

    User Data 18' -chrome-version=18.0.1025.45 Explanation of this shortcut:. 'C: Chrome 18.0.1024.45 chrome.exe'. This is the launcher.user-data-dir=".

    User Data 18'. User profile, relative to the location of chrome.exe. You could also have used -user-data-dir="C: Chrome User Data 18' for the same effect. Set your preferences for the lowest Chrome version, and duplicate the User profile for each Chrome version. Older Chrome versions refuse to use User profiles from new versions.chrome-version=18.0.1025.45.

    Location of binaries:. The location (eg 18.0.1025.45) must be the name of the directory:. Must start and end with a number. A dot may appear in between.


    The numbers do not necessarily have to match the real version number (though it's convenient to use real version numbers.). Regarding configuration: All preferences can be set at chrome://settings/. I usually change the home page and 'Under the hood' settings.

    Disable auto-updates: (the old version of this answer referred to for old Chrome versions, but they do not offer direct download links any more through the UI. The files do still exist, I've created a shell script (bash) to ease the creation of a local repository of Chrome versions - see ) VB Script which automates install, config & launch I've which installs and configures Chrome (tested in XP and Win 7). Launch the script, and a file dialog appears (or: Drag & drop the chrome installer on the VBS). Select the destination of the Chrome installer, and the script automatically unpacks the files and duplicates the profile from a pre-configured base directory. By default:. The Chrome binaries are placed in subfolders of C: Chrome.

    The User profiles are created in C: Chrome User Data. The user profiles will be duplicated from the directory as specified in the sFolderChromeUserDataDefault variable, which is C: Chrome User Data 2 by default. After the first Chrome installation, set your preferences (Home page, bookmarks,.). Then modify the variable (see 3.) in the source code.

    After that, installing and configuring Chrome is as easy as pie. The only dependency is, expected to be located at C: Program Files 7-zip 7z.exe.

    I adopted to get it working on Mac OS X 10.8. Other versions of Mac OS X may probably work too. The little extra work is actually only needed to keep your original Google Chrome installation and the old version separated. Download a old version of Google Chrome from or.

    Copy Google Chrome.app to anywhere instead of the /Applications to not override your current Chrome (Be sure to replace VERSION for all following steps with the actual version of Chrome you just downloaded). Rename it to Google Chrome VERSION.app. Move Google Chrome VERSION.app to /Applications (You can surely move it wherever you want but I will refer to the standard location). Open the Terminal and create a shell script: touch /your/favourite/location/google-chrome-version-start.sh open /your/favourite/location/google-chrome-version-start.sh. Modify the following code according to the version you downloaded and paste it into the script #!/usr/bin/env bash /Applications/Google Chrome VERSION.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome -user-data-dir="tmp/Google Chrome/VERSION/' (This will store Chrome's data at /tmp/Google Chrome/VERSION/. For more explanations see.). Go back to your Terminal and enter the following command to make your script executable chmod +x /your/favourite/location/google-chrome-version-start.sh.

    Now execute the script and be happy! /your/favourite/location/google-chrome-version-start.sh I tested it with Google Chrome 19.x on a Mac running OS X 10.8.5.

    Your mileage may vary (mine sure did), but here's what worked for me (current version of Chrome as of this post is 33.x, and I was interested in 24.x). Visit the Chromium repo proxy lookup site:. In the little box called 'Revision Lookup' type in the version number. This will translate it to a Subversion revision number. Keep that number in mind. Visit the build repository:.

    Select the folder corresponding to the OS you're interested in (I have Win x64, but had to use Win,because there was no x64 build corresponding to the version I was looking for). If you select Win, you could be in for a wait - as some of the pages have a lot of entries. Once the page loads, scroll to the folder containing the revision number you identified in an earlier step. If you don't find one, choose the next one up. This is a bit of trial and error to be honest - I had to back up about 50 revisions until I found a version close to the one I was looking for. Drill into that folder and download (on the Win version) chrome-win32.zip. That's all you need.

    Unzip that file and then run chrome.exe This worked for me and I'm running the latest Chrome alongside version 25, without problems (some profile issues on the older version, but that's neither here nor there). Didn't need to do anything else. Again, YMMV, but try this solution first since it requires the least amount of tomfoolery. Though this seems to be an old question with many answers I'm posting another one, because it provides information about another approaches (looking more convenient than already mentioned), and the question itself remains actual. First, there is a blogpost.

    It describes a method which works, but has 2 drawbacks:. you can't run Chrome instances of different versions simultaneously;. from time to time, Chrome changes format of its profile, and as long as 2 versions installed by this method share the same directory with profiles, this may produce a problem if it's happened to test 2 versions with incompatible profile formats; Second method is a preferred one, which I'm currently using. It relies on portable versions of Chrome, which become available for every stable release at the. The only requirement of this method is that existing Chrome version should not run during installation of a next version.

    Of course, each version must be installed in a separate directory. This way, after installation, you can run Chromes of different versions in parallel. Of course, there is a drawback in this method as well:. profiles in all versions live separately, so if you need to setup a profile in a specific way, you should do it twice or more times, according to the number of different Chrome versions you have installed.

    I have done the following on a Citrix XenDesktop VM, however you could just do this on your local PC: Microsoft Virtual PC If you are running Windows 7, you can download Microsoft virtual PC and create as many copies of Virtual PC as you need for testing without any licensing issues:. This requires no additional Windows licenses; you simply set up multiple machines with different browsers on them.

    You can run the browsers out of the window by following the tutorial available here:. Installing Browsers You will need to create at least 3 virtual PC's (tip: keep the memory down to 256mb for each virtual PC to avoid wasting memory on the virtual desktops). On the first VPC I installed this:. along with Chrome 1, Safari 3.1, Opera 8.

    On the second I installed Internet Explorer 7, Chrome 3, Safari 3.2.1, Opera 9. On the third I installed Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 8. Safari 4.0.5, Opera 10. On Windows 7 (native machine) I had Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 11, Safari 5, Opera 11 and for Firefox I install the following app natively too:.

    Personally I would not go back further than 5 years with compatibility (other than IE for government networks) unless you have a specific requirement (I split Chrome & Opera across years as I decided there were just to many releases). However, if you find that someone has a specific issue with a site using a specific version of the browser it becomes very easy to install additional virtual machines to run additional browser versions. Obtaining Older Browsers You can download older versions of Chrome from here:. and Opera here:. Virtualizing The Test Platform (Optional) I use Xen Desktop to virtualize the testing platform so that I can use it anywhere and have included my favorite development tools on there as well:. The express edition is available for free.

    A Good Commercial Alternative Another great product I recently came accross is which is a CSS editor that installs multiple versions of browsers for testing purposes, however this is a commercial paid for product but is very good and worth the small fee they require to run it. I think I might have figured this out on Windows. You can run different versions of Chrome at the same time!

    Do the following:. Copy over the version number directory into the usual c: users yourUser appdata local google chrome application directory (I am assuming you had a backup of the older chrome version directory before the update occurred). Copy over the chrome.exe from the older version as a new name such as chromecustom.exe. Run chrome as chromecustom.exe -chrome-version=olderVersion -user-data-dir=newDir That's it! I use this method to run automated test on Chrome with Selenium, until selenium catches up and works well with the latest Chrome. Although most testers think of cross platform availability (in this case browsers) you shouldn't think about older version availability because it has many problems associated,.just instruct them to download and install latest version, below are some points to consider:.

    What will you do if the users have all versions of chrome (most users on latest but still there are odd users who in total have all), will you test all versions from Ver. 1 to latest Version. What if security is so bad on one specific version and you don't know about it but kept it in your test environment and got unlucky with a sleazy hacker. same as point 2 but instead that user who has it got hacked, and then stress attacked your site/app or something.

    Download Old Version Of Chrome For Mac